You can choose among three different routes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to central Stockholm. All buses depart from every terminal.

Stockholm City

  • Departs up to every ten minutes
  • The last stop is located at Cityterminalen (central bus station) next to Stockhom Central, train station.
  • The route has stops along the E4 motorway and at St Eriksplan among others
  • Travel time: 45 min

To Liljeholmen via Karolinska, Fridhemsplan and Hornstull

  • Departs up to every 20 minutes during most of the day
  • Stops at Karolinska Hospital, Fridhemsplan and Hornstull before the final destination Liljeholmen (which offers various public transport links)
  • Travel time: 50 min

To Brommaplan via Kista and Sundbyberg

  • Departs up to every 20 minutes
  • A cross-link from Arlanda with stops in Kista and Sundbyberg
  • Travel time: 55 min

Tickets Flygbussarna

For more information about bus stops, timetables and prices, please go to Flygbussarna Airport Coaches’ website.

Public transport – Uppsala

The public transport company Upplands Lokaltrafik (UL) runs the airport coach route 801 between Uppsala and Arlanda. Buses depart twice an hour between 3 a.m. and 12 midnight.


  • Arlanda Visitor Centre in Terminal 5 or at other information desks in Terminals 2 and 4
  • Self-service ticket machines are available at the stops at Terminals 2, 4 and 5
  • Sms ticket
  • Only payment by card accepted on board the coach

Upplands Lokaltrafik website 

Stockholm and Uppsala night buses

SL (Stockholm Transport) operates night bus 592 between Arlanda and central Stockholm and night bus 593 between Uppsala and central Stockholm via Knivsta station and Arlanda. For timetables and more information, visit SL’s website.

SL website

Nettbuss Bus4You

Nettbuss Bus4You runs non-stop from Stockholm Arlanda to Västerås and continues to Örebro and Karlstad.

Nettbuss website


Flixbus buses to central Stockholm depart every 10 minutes from all terminals at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. They stop at Arlanda, S:t Eriksplan, Norra Stationsgatan, Haga Södra, Haga Norra, Frösunda, Järva krog and the Cityterminalen bus station. Travel time is about 40 minutes.

Tickets can be purchased here:

  • Via Flixbus’s app
  • On Flixbus’s website
  • At Pressbyrån and 7- Eleven
  • On board the buses

FlixBus also runs non-stop to and from Uppsala.


There are also buses to and from Märsta, Rotebro, Östra Steninge, Enköping, Knutby, Knivsta, Umeå, Karlstad, Sundsvall, Hudiksvall and Söderhamn – look up your trip in the travel planner.

Y-buss website

High-speed trains

The Arlanda Express runs non stop between Stockholm and Stockholm Arlanda in 20 minutes. The train departs from Stockholm’s Central Station, where you also can buy tickets either at a staffed counter or at the self-service machines.

If you are travelling from Arlanda to Stockholm, you buy your tickets at the airport’s information desks or in the Arlanda Express self-service machines located next to the escalators/lifts leading down. There are escalators/lifts down to the train from all terminals.

You can travel at no cost between terminals 2, 3, 4 and 5 with Arlanda Express – the trip takes only one minute.

Arlanda Express timetables are available on Arlanda Express website.

Commuter trains

SL’s commuter trains to Stockholm and Uppsala depart from Arlanda Central Station in SkyCity, the area between the terminals 4 and 5. Total travel time between Stockholm Arlanda and Stockholm Central Station is 38 minutes and between Stockholm Arlanda and Uppsala is 18 minutes.

You can purchase tickets at the normal SL and UL sales points and at Arlanda Central station.

SL website
UL website

Long-distance trains

Every day you can choose among 60 long-distance trains to and from Arlanda Central station in SkyCity eather with SJ or Tågkompaniet. You can buy train tickets on Tågkompaniet’s website or at SJ sales points.

SJ website

Tågkompaniet website 

Station access fee

Train passengers who get on and off at Arlanda Central station pay an access fee of 120 SEKIf the fee is not included in your fare you can pay at the station counter in SkyCity.

The access fee is linked to the use of the station and the railway and how they were funded when they were built in the 1990s.

Taxis are available directly outside all terminals. You’ll only find taxis at the taxi stand that have an agreement with Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Contact the taxi rank officer if you would like to have a specific taxi company or if you have any questions.


Here you find information about the price for your taxi ride, comparative price, payment, receipts and more.

Price zone for taxi trips

  • The maximum price for trips within the marked zone boundaries is SEK 675.
  • This price is for 1–4 passengers and to one address.
  • For additional 5–8 passengers the price varies between the different taxi companies. Ask your driver about the price.
  • Contact the taxi rank officer if you need a larger car or a specially equipped car, for example a car seat.
  • Always ask the driver before you start your trip about what price is in effect.
  • For travel outside the marked zone boundaries, the meter rate applies.

Free price setting

Free price setting applies to taxi rides in Sweden since the taxi market is deregulated. Choose the company and car that best suits you, you do not need to take the car that is first in line.

Comparative price

All taxi companies must state comparative prices for all types of journey. The comparative price is always calculated on a so-called typical journey with a distance of 10 kilometres that takes 15 minutes. The comparative price is stated in large black digits on a yellow background. The highest comparative price applied by the taxi car shall also be stated with extra large digits.

Fixed prices

Always ask if the taxi company applies fixed prices. If you have received a fixed price, it should be entered and visible in the taxi meter before your journey starts. The taxi meter must be activated throughout your journey.

Paying by card

If you are paying by card you should receive both a delivery note for the card amount, and a receipt from the taxi meter.

Taxi meter receipt

Ensure that you receive a taxi meter receipt at the end of your trip.The receipt is to state the car registration number together with details about the taxi company and driver, for example, the driver code present on the taxi driver identity card.

Save your receipt, it is required if you have forgotten something in the car, or if you make a complaint against your journey. First contact the taxi company.

Wheelchair accessible taxi

You can order taxis accessible for people with reduced mobility to and from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. If you hold a Färdtjänst card in the Stockholm region, contact Färdtjänst and order as usual. If you don’t have such a card, please contact the taxi rank officer outside each terminal who will order a suitable car.

The Swedish Transport Agency is the supervisory authority for taxis and is responsible for taxi permits in Sweden.